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AMC Health park


Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

In Collaboration with:

 studio Nuy & van Noort & Temp.architecture

Status: Technical Design

Year: 2017- Present


Design of the public space and pavilion for the entrance area of the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam



Pompentoren Ichtegem

Location: Eernegem, Belgium

In Collaboration with: Workshop Architects

Status: 1st price at closed competition

for Atelier Vlaamsbouwmeester

Year: 2018

Dokter Reilinghplein

(Pop-up Exhibition)

Location: Leerdam, the Netherlands

Status: Preliminary design

Year: 2018

The Sketch design was presented to the public with a Pop-Up Exhibition next to the square

Photos: M. Pallesh, H. Piek

Dune Garden

Location: Katwijk, The Netherlands

Status: Realised

Year: 2010

Private garden near national dune landscape

Nature Observatory

Location: Eemland, The Netherlands

In Collaboration with: Workshop Architects

Status: In Development

Year: 2016


Location: Duivenvoorde Corridor,

The Netherlands

Status: In Development

Year: 2017 - present

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