Connecting people to nature through spaces, products and prints


We live in an urban world, where we are increasingly isolated from the natural environment. But beneath every city, building, park, there is a natural landscape, an ecosystem that joins us to the greater world around us, that when we connect into, gives us a sense of wonder and wellbeing. Our goal at BLAD is to create spaces and products that connect us back to nature whether we are walking down the high street, working, or nestled in our city apartments.

The landscapes in Scotland and The Netherlands that we grew up in have influenced us as designers and in how we form our studio.


At the heart of our landscape architecture work are two contrasting methodologies, used in combination to push our work and create strong site specific solutions.


The first, uses the sites natural processes as the starting point. We believe in intimately understanding the environment we are designing for at a historical, geographical, systematic and human level. By understanding the underlying landscape – we are able to build on the existing processes and uses of the site, to create solutions that serve the users, brings out the best out of the site and is made to last for generations. The second methodology is a holistic approach, understanding the landscape and space at an experiential level to create strong design concepts. The two different methodologies, always used in combination, allow us to continually innovate and create the right solution for every space.

We believe in intimately understanding the environment we are designing for at a historical, geographical, systematic and human level

Print and products

Our prints and products are our creative playground. We use them to explore different techniques and ideas we get while working on landscape projects and on our own travels to some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes. Again, our goal is always to find new ways to capture that which creates a connection to nature and for that same feeling to be evoked when using our products and spaces.

Fiona Kydd & Frank van Zuilekom

BLAD is founded by Fiona Kydd and Frank Van Zuilekom. Their different nationalities and training highlights their unique combination of skills.


Kydd, brought up in Scotland and an honours graduate of The College of Art in Edinburgh, has an innate understanding of nature as the dominating force and approaches design through an understanding of landscape processes, which although not always visible, are a starting point for a poetic and holistic approach.


Van Zuilekom born and raised in the Netherlands, a country that has moulded nature to its own needs and a graduate of Academy of Architecture Amsterdam, uses a methodical and analytical approach, investigating the underlying landscape to create solutions that can be moulded to purpose.


Both had worked extensively on international projects but shared a vision of a practice where they could dedicate time to research in the early stages of projects, develop knowledge on materialisation and techniques, and remain involved in projects from concept to creation. BLAD was born in 2015 and is working for municipalities, developers, universities and collaborating with different disciplines.


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Portrait photo: Joep.Photo