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BLAD, v.2

1. To cut peat.


To b[lad] de wideks, tabu-expr., sea-expr., = to fla de mør [“moor”].

2. To reap; to cut heather for thatching.

Sh. 1908 Jak. (1928):

“To blad de heddrek [‘heather’],” for what is common called “to strike de tekk [thatch].”

Art | Space | Nature

The expertise of BLAD lies in spatial design, conceptual approach and landscape research. BLAD is a dedicated team of landscape architects from different landscapes. In their approach, BLAD utilises factual analysis methods embedded in the Dutch design method and combines it with the conceptual and holistic approach from Scotland. Using their backgrounds and clear conceptual approach, forms the basis to formulate strategic yet (site) specific interventions.

As BLAD, we work from three unique backgrounds, Fiona is from Scotland and utilises the Scottish holistic methodology in her designs. She approaches design through understanding of landscape processes, which although not always visible, are a starting point for a poetic and holistic approach. Andrew was born in Canada and grew up in the coastal region of the Netherlands. Inspired by nature and the contrast that creates when combined with architectural interventions. Frank, born and raised in the river delta of the Netherlands, utilises his background with a more methodical and analytical approach towards design. Looking to the underlying landscape, how it adapts and how this can be reflected in design. Our collaboration, based upon our layered stories, creates a unique combination coupled with strong graphics and visual story telling.

Micro | Macro

Together we form a team who are triggered by an understanding of the landscape surrounding us, aware of the system and process on the macro scale and tangible on the micro scale. BLAD recognises that man is part of a larger ecosystem, how man has changed and influenced the landscape over time and how this can be influenced in the future use. Through joint fascination for the stillness, scale and characteristics of the landscape lead us to create designs that fit in to context.


Studio BLAD is a design trio who are driven by landscape yet drawn to the discipline in different ways. We believe this diversity strengthens our approach to projects. As a small team we seek to collaborate with different disciplines that strengthen and enhance each project, creating a tailor made team. We are always interested in meeting other designers, architects or specialists who are interesting in collaborating.

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At studio BLAD, we are inspired by nature and natural processes, we blend our interests and understanding of nature with graphics and spatial designs.

We apply this approach to Landscape architectural research and design, visualisations and creation of graphic prints or objects.

For more information about visualisations see our sister company anef visuals

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